Discover the history of Marseille with a 1-hour historical and cultural boat tour aboard the mythical Marseille boats "les barquettes marseillaise".

An audio guide will be given to you free of charge, You'll be able to choose from 4 languages ​​to discover the city through fascinating stories and comments.

Contemplate the witnesses of time such as the forts Saint Jean and Saint Nicolas, the cathedral of La Major, the Palais du Pharo, La Criée, the Hotel Dieu, the Church of Saint Ferreol.


Let yourself be guided to (re)discover Marseille!

A very complete circuit aboard the mythical Marseillaise barquettes will allow you to see the emblematic monuments of the city from another angle.

Each guided tour is a captivating journey through the history of Marseille.

Learn more about the events that shaped Marseille.

Embark on a journey through more than 2600 years of history. As you walk, fascinating commentary will be given to allow you to cross the centuries of the city's history.

Accompanied by an audio guide, relive the highlights that marked the destiny of Marseille. Take advantage of an atypical boat trip, in a small group, far from the tourist factory boats, to discover the city of Marseille through a unique experience.


If you've ever walked around the old port of Marseille, you've probably seen these typical boats of the city.

Symbol of Marseille maritime life and embodiment of the naval skills of our shipyards, the Marseille barquette is a seaworthy, robust and comfortable boat. With a rounded shape, they were imported by Neapolitan carpenters at the end of the 19th century and gradually supplanted the traditional boats of the time.

The boats were originally work boats, whether for fishing, coasting or longer transport. They are now used for pleasure and as testimony of Marseille's history.

It is transmitted from father to son, in a patrimonial way. The name of the boats illustrates this strong sense of the relationship between the family members and their boat. Fanny, Antoine, Manon, Guy or even Marie-Rose, the trays are often named with the first names of the last born, a mother, a loved one... or a beloved wife.

The Christian tradition of fishermen from southern Italy is also strongly represented in the naming of the boats: Saint-Antoine (patron saint of fishermen), Good Mother, Mary Magdalene, Joseph...

Sometimes, they have the names of fish, fishing techniques or local winds which, with great poetry, describe the essence of the sea traditions of Marseille. We thus find boats bearing the sweet names of Girelle, Pagre, Gabian, or Mistraou...

Through this maritime culture so dear to Marseille, each tray becomes a historical chapter of the city, from a magnificent book that is the Old Port...


Rich in its 2,600 years of history, Marseille has built a soul and its port reflects it.
The heart of the city bears the marks of this history.

Each era has left its mark on a building, a church, a street, a facade.
At the dawn of the 20th century, the port became the Old Port and the historic center had to be built between past and future...

Venez découvrir le vieux port Marseille à travers une balade en bateau en barquette !